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Beard Oil - Finally, a beard oil that works as hard as you do. It moisturizes and strengthens your beard without being too heavy. The scent is not overpowering through the day. Warning the following side effects may apply:  A need to go chop wood in flannel, strangers commenting about your overall manliness, and awareness of the rugged strength that a bearded man has.
Beard Balm - This Balm will condition your beard without sacrificing any hold, this is the  balm to tame even the burliest of beards. Warning: you may get tired of hearing “Wow, awesome beard!”.
Beard Oil Sampler - This set includes three 1 oz beard oils. The scents include Coffee, Leather, and Vanilla. Use them as they are or mix to create a custom scent.
Coffee Beard Oil - 1 oz limited edition Beard Oil. This Oil does more than just keep your beard soft and strong, you will also enjoy the smell of coffee with a hint of chocolate.
Vanilla Beard oil - 1 oz limited edition Beard Oil that keeps your beard soft and strong. The vanilla scent is light and fresh.
Leather Beard Oil - 1 oz limited edition that softens and strengthens your beard.  The leather scent has a hint of tobacco and is for the rugged man we all know.
Beard and Face Wash - An all in one wash for your beard and face that has a fresh citrus scent. Keep it simple with this wash, it is for any man bearded or not. 4 oz
Shampoo - Enjoy a cleansing wash with mint and tea tree oil. We use a concentrated formula so a little product gets the job done. The cooling effect will leave you with a refreshed scalp and a new outlook on life. It will feel like you just left the barber and everything is going to be amazing.
Conditioner - Cool down with our cooling conditioner, it leaves you feeling relaxed. Our conditioner helps Hydrate your hair while adding thickness. Best results occur when used after Blue Star Shampoo. Honestly, pump the brakes and take some time to chill out.
Texture Cream - This styling cream gives a great natural look with a flexible hold. It is perfect for those of you like a style that can change on the go. The fresh scent will lighten any mood. This is a favorite in our Shops, and we all know you feel the best when you leave the barbershop.
Styling Gel - Provides a kung fu ninja grip hold to your style. It keeps your style sharp all day. Our gel is capable of taming even the most stubborn heads of hair. You won’t find a stronger hold.
Texture Spray - Blue Star Texture Spray (NEW) 7 FL OZ
Our spray not only performs on its own for a light natural look, but can also be paired with other products too. Perfect for those that need a little something extra to lock in their look. Simple to use just shake well. Hold can 8-10 inches away and spray, best on dry hair.
 After Shave Flask - Flask with 4 oz of Blue Star Aftershave, Limited edition. Enjoy the aftershave inside and when you use it all up wash the flask and fill with your favorite spirit.
After Shave Splash - 4 oz After Shave Splash use to tighten and treat skin after your shave or as a cologne.
Cooling Face Lotion - 2 oz face lotion with a strong cooling effect. You can use as a face lotion, aftershave lotion, or body lotion. Enjoy being cool and feeling cool.