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Applications are considered for all positions without regard to any characteristic protected by applicable law. Your application form data will be transmitted securely over an encrypted connection. A Resume may not be used in place of completing this application.

Read Carefully Before Signing

In consideration of the company's review of this application, I agree that any claim or lawsuit relating to my employment or application for employment with the company must be filed no more than six (6) months after the date of the employment action that is the subject of the claim or lawsuit. While I understand that the statute of limitations for claims arising out of an employment action may be longer than six (6) months, I agree to be bound by the six (6) months period of limitations set forth herein and I WAIVE ANY STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS TO THE CONTRARY.

I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I certify that the information I have given on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any false information provided by me or misrepresentation or omission of information called for on this application is justification for refusal of employment, or if employed, my immediate dismissal.

I understand that this application is not an offer of employment and that this application and any other company documents are not contracts of employment. I further understand and acknowledge that if I am offered employment, my employment with the company will be at-will and that I may terminate my employment or the company may terminate my employment at any time for any reason not otherwise unlawful. I also understand that no employee of the company has any authority to alter this at-will employment status or the policies of the company (with which I agree to comply in consideration of my employment if I am employed) except the company's managing member, who may only do so in a writing specific to me and signed by the managing member and me.

I agree that if I accept an offer of employment with the company by commencing employment with the company, the compensation paid for my first day of employment serves as consideration for the following terms of my employment: The company may alter my compensation, company-provided benefits and its policies and procedures (other than my at-will status, which may only be altered as described above) at any time for any reason and that any identification of an “annual” salary neither alters my at-will status, nor the company's right to alter my compensation.

I specifically authorize the company to deduct from any money the company owes me any money I owe the company due to theft or damage to or failure to return company-owned equipment or property; recoupment of any compensation erroneously paid to me; or recoupment of any paid time off advanced to and taken by me which exceeds the amount, if any, to which I was entitled under the company's policies.

Applicant's Authorization for Release of Information

By submitting this online application form, I hereby authorize former employers and personal references listed in this Employment Application to provide Blue Star Barbershop with any and all information concerning my previous employment (except health or workers’ compensation related information) and any pertinent information they may have, personal or otherwise, and I hereby release Blue Star Barbershop and all parties providing information from any and all liability for any damage that may result to me from the release of such information.